Some Former
Junior Misses

"America's Junior Miss forced me to do things I did not believe I could do. It gave me a sense of possibility and enlarged my capacity to dream. It is still asking the same of girls -- to think a little bigger, to imagine a little more, to risk a little more, to try a little more."

-- Diane Sawyer
America's Junior Miss 1963
Co-Anchor, ABC's "PrimeTime Live"

"I knew that to go to the college of my choice I would need a scholarship. It was the America's Junior Miss Program that got me where I wanted to be. I stand firmly by its principles, purposes and priorities because I feel there are so many young women in the same position I was in."

-- Mary Frann
America's Junior Miss 1961
TV and Broadway actress, National spokeswoman
for America's Junior Miss Council

Kathie Lee Gifford
Maryland's Junior Miss 1971
Co-star of "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee"

Dr. Linda Rutledge
America's Junior Miss 1973
IBM computer scientist
and executive

Dr. Donna Alexander
New Jersey's
Junior Miss 1974
Veterinarian in Chicago

Deborah Norville
Georgia's Junior Miss 1976
Anchor on "Inside Edition"

Kim Crosby Westenberg
America's Junior Miss 1978
Broadway singer and actress

Julie Bryan Moran
America's Junior Miss 1980
Co-host of "Entertainment This Weekend"

Sharlene Wells Hawkes
Utah's Junior Miss 1982
Host and reporter for ESPN

Valerie Lowrence Tyler
America's Junior Miss 1985
1995 graduate, University
of Texas at Arlington
School of Law

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