Höfner Acoustic Guitar
Purchased in 1993 or 1994 for $4.00
at a swap-meet. It had no strings, the bridge
was tucked inside and the tuning pegs
were rusted solid.

The body was in terrible, dull condition, and some
unknown substance had corrupted the lacquer on the body.
A friend, Jens W.L. Hing, took it home,
took a week off work and painstakingly cleaned
and restored it to the best of his ability.
It still has many dings on the body,
but the sound is bright and beautiful.

The finish is similar to the 500/1 bass, and the
pick guard is made of nearly-identical pearlescent
material to the one on the bass. There are no tags or
markings other than the single Höfner decal on the face.

The woman who sold it to me told me her
ex-husband used to play folk songs on it in the '60s.

According to Richard Arnold of the Vintage Höfner Web Site, this is a Höfner model 522.
"A little higher up the "Classic Guitars for Beginners" range came the 522 model.
This steel-strung guitar is easily identified by its trapeze tailpiece and screwed-on
scratchplate. All body timbers were laminated maple."

Höfner 500/1 "Beatle" Bass

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